The week that was

Two days late; I do apologise. We were hit by a massive electrical storm last Thursday and our modem was fried. So now that we have our replacement up and running I can finally catch up on all my work.

Toothaches are the worst!

Friday morning I woke with the most excruciating toothache and all I could think was “pull this damn thing out already!” I called the local dentists straight away to see if I could get in and luckily I was in within 2 hours. The one thing I always stress about when going to the dentist is… COST! Hence why I really don’t go to the dentist as often as I should. I cant believe how expensive it is to get basic dental care in this country. I realise that I should be grateful we have access to great dentists and that we have great healthcare; but man for people like us who are living week by week on our income really need to have better dental prices.

The statistics of lower income (even middle income) people in this country that don’t have dental care access due to costs are ridiculous. If only the government would stop wasting money and perhaps put basic dental care on the Medicare system. If the basic dental needs were met with Medicare rebates I truly believe that there would be less of a need for people having tooth extractions, root canals, etc.

Well that’s my rant over 🙂 Back to my toothache.. I was given antibiotics to take for the infection and I am heading back there this afternoon to unfortunately have it extracted. Thank god my face has returned to normal now; Friday night my cheek looked like I had a tennis ball in my mouth! Not a pretty site.

Healthy Lifestyle

As mentioned in past weeks, I have made the choice to follow a much more healthier lifestyle and I finally got around to weighing myself for the first time since being pregnant and I must admit I shed a few tears; but in one week I have now lost 3.6kgs! Woohoo 🙂

I haven’t started any exercise regime as of yet, I just don’t think my body is ready for that yet. However I do plan to start walking more with the pram once it cools down and isn’t raining (seriously what is up with the weather here these days). All I have done is thrown out the processed foods and high sugar foods. I don’t like counting calories and I am never one to write down everything I eat through the day. When you cut out the crap and watch the portion sizes you will be amazed at what your body does!

Rolling Over and Teething… Where has my baby gone?!

Well my gorgeous girl has had a massive week. She rolled over for the very first time and she has started the terrible teething process. No teeth are showing yet, but her gums are swollen. It is such a terrible feeling when your child is in pain, you would do anything to ease their discomfort.

I am super proud of our little munchkin though for rolling over. She is almost sitting up on her own too! It’s so crazy she is not quite 4 months old yet. Babies really do not last very long.


First ETSY Orders!

Well I am excited to say that we received our first two etsy store orders in the last week. I have been super busy the last week making more stock for the store so will be pleased to put the listings up over the weekend.

Well until next week;

Keep smiling and thanks for reading

Love Ang x


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