Pee, Burnt Food and Baby Giggles

Wow what a week it has been! From burning hubby’s dinner to being peed on and all the fun stuff in between.

Kitchen Disasters!

This week was not my week in the cooking department; and I have the scars to prove it. With all this healthy eating and change of habits (notice the D word wasn’t mentioned) I had decided every week I was going to either try a new recipe or make one up myself. I’ve done the 7 days of dry chicken breast and broccoli before – not doing that again!

So over the weekend I was having my usual Pinterest Fest and came across some recipes I was keen to try; they ticked the list of

  • Easy
  • Minimal Tasks
  • Healthy
  • Hubby would approve (fussy little bugger he is)

Unfortunately I was suffering from the all too common Mummy Brain and one dish came out tasting like sea water (way too much salt) and the other dish was burnt to the shit house. Mummy Brain should always come with an alarm so I don’t go in the kitchen or try to attempt anything at the time that may need my full attention!

Needless to say I was devastated and in my zombie like state I just gave up and we had a very basic chicken salad (surely I couldn’t burn that, right?).

Forward 2 more days and I was cooking some Anzac biscuits for us (I make healthy ones with the only sugar coming from honey/golden syrup) and Mummy Brain started to rear its ugly head and I burnt my wrist on the oven tray.

I have now made myself a rule that there is no more kitchen activities for me after 2pm until I am sleeping through the night (2pm onwards seems to be the Mummy Brain zombie zone).

Showers with my Daughter…

One of the best parts of my day is having a shower with my baby girl. Watching her play with her legs kicking out like a damn frog is hilarious! She has refused to take a bath since the day she was born; I tried bathing her by literally holding her as close to me as I could but she was not having it; the screams that came out of her! So we started giving her showers with either of us and she has loved them (thank god). I think once she is sitting up on her own though I will try giving her a bath again.

It is quite a task getting the timing right from undressing her and myself ready for the shower and going from the change table to the shower, and to manage all of that without getting a single bit of pee on you! I usually have the timing down, however the other night I was having an attack of Mummy Brain and I was trying to do way too many things at once. I had hubby trying to talk to me, food on the stove, washing to throw in the machine and all that while organising the shower time.

I am sure you can only guess… the timing was off and yep… I was peed on! Not the worst that has happened since having my daughter but still who really wants to be peed on 🙂

How beautiful are baby giggles!

The moment you first hear your child laugh is priceless. They make you go all gooey inside and all you can do is cry, laugh, smile and cry again (mummy hormones).

This week though my little girl has started getting the giggles and its so precious, especially when she is giggling in her sleep (wonder what she is dreaming of then). Her smile is so infectious and I just cant help watching her for hours on end – not very productive I know!




How could that smile not melt your heart!

Coffee – “I need my Coffee!”

Caramel Lattes, Gloria Jeans Voltage, Iced Coffee, Double Espressos – All are also known as my Life Line! I don’t look pretty until I have my coffee of a morning; and then again late morning and noon!

Now some may say I have a coffee addiction the way I guzzle it down (and they are always a Large to Go) but I believe caffeine is a god sent. I adore the smell and taste of a good coffee and love the fact that I can now make a great coffee at home; but it always tastes nicer from a café.

I have decided though that I can spend all the money on a barista course and make my own coffee with my new espresso machine that the parents brought us for Christmas. So keep an eye out later for my post soon on the barista course and more coffee love.


Well baby girl is up and ready for another feed, so until next week…

Keep smiling and thanks for reading;

Love Ang x





2 thoughts on “Pee, Burnt Food and Baby Giggles

  1. Hi Ang
    Thanks for sharing your stories. I too have a new born Willow May Galletly will be 6mths on the 22/1. You sound like you are enjoying mother hood


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