Taking the plunge into the deep oceans of Blogging!

Have you ever tried to plan a blog post in the dark with two loud snorers on either side of you? Well let me paint you a picture…

My 3 month old snores

I’m laying on my bed writing with my iPad open next to me and the only source of light is coming from a small night light; my husband is sound asleep to my left snoring away and my beautiful 3 month old baby girl is snuggled in her cot to my right with the loudest snoring coming from her (poor girl got that from me I fear).


A selfie of me and my baby girl 🙂


A wife, a mum, an entrepreneur

Well now that you can almost picture me here writing, let me introduce myself. I am a 30 year old (almost 31), a new mother, a wife to an amazing Punjabi man, a business woman, a crafter and a lover of all things pretty. I have recently decided to turn dreams into reality (after all what are new years resolutions and goals for?). My goal is to stay at home with my daughter and still have a career.


My darling husband and I on our wedding day September 2014


What is Inspired by Eva?

Eva (Evaleen Jane Singh – my beautiful daughter) is my inspiration and makes all the late nights and super early mornings all worth it. She inspired me to take the leap of faith and go for my goals this year and I thought that there was no better business name. I now have an Etsy store and Facebook page for the business and I plan to use this blog to share my business journey as well as my journey through motherhood.

Inspired by Eva is a handmade home décor and jewellery store. These are some of our favourite coasters and studs.



Let me share with you

I decided to take the blogging plunge so I could allow customers to get to know me and the story behind the products by InspiredbyEva; but I also wanted to express my joy, fears and excitement during one of the biggest journeys of my life – Motherhood!

This blog will also be my way of sharing recipes, DIY demonstrations, travels to India, healthy lifestyle goals and my love for home décor.

As I am new to all of this I ask you to bare with me through the early posts while I get the hang of things and find the time between feeds, burps, hiccups and cuddles. The plan is to post once a week on Tuesdays and if I can find the time I will have smaller posts on the weekends.

I would love to hear all about your stories, this is not a blog that is just a one way street. Comments are very welcomed and please feel free to email me on inspiredbyeva@outlook.com and I will always respond.

Keep smiling and thanks for reading;

Love Ang x


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